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Castle Crashers Flash

2009-09-05 21:55:38 by Logidude

Hi all. I am making with monkeyboy0679, a Castle Crashers Flash game. This will be for anyone who does not have an Xbox 360 so they can enjoy some of the Castle Crashers goodness without having to go out and buy an Xbox 360 and the game. If you want to look over the development, go to m/ to follow the development. See all you guys soon.


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2009-09-05 22:04:43

By the looks of your flash, this may be shit. Nay, it WILL be shit.

Logidude responds:

Well be quiet! He is doing the art and I am doing the programming. So shut up! He is great! I am very good at programming but never finished a game to upload to here yet! This will be awesome!


2009-09-07 04:40:10

I'm srry It doen't look very...impressive but I'm no jugde Keep up the hard work...i guess

Logidude responds:

I haven't done anything yet!


2009-09-08 05:49:00

...WAIT! what??


2009-09-18 13:35:12

oh... ok Well good for You and him.I was workng na Game with him bui had to cncel but no thati go my Flash and Suff Fixed. I was gann see about Worknig on it again.

Wll good luck.


2009-09-19 03:36:28

Nice spongebob parody Are You Gonna Make And Episode Soon
And You Need to work on that intro a little more :)

Logidude responds:

yeah. maybe, but it was just for pirate day. I might make an episode for next year.